Not an executive or manager but want to get on a board?


I want to share something with those who are keen to get on a board but are not an executive or in upper management.

I always thought you had to be much older with lots of grey hair, a CEO or retired to be on a board. I’m sure you can relate?

Boards and board work interested me and I thought it would be great to be involved… one day when I’ve finished my working life.

Over time, I became more interested in boards. I saw a position vacancy and threw my hat in the ring. Realistically though, what chance did I have?

How wrong I was. I got appointed and picture this… a short, young 30-year old pregnant director now sitting around the board table. It was far from the image I held of the boardroom!

My book, Fly to the Boardroom: Your Essential Guide to Getting on a Board, was recently released to help prospective directors realise their opportunities, understand the contemporary landscape of boards and how to get involved.

In this, I share more of my story and how you too can take-off on the right pathways to get on a board.

Check out what others are saying and take advantage of the special release price until the end of this week.

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