Introducing Board Presence

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Hi I’m Stacey, the founder of Board Presence. As an entrepreneur, educator and engineer, I’m passionate about empowering others with the capability, capacity and confidence to make healthy decisions for a healthy future.

Board Presence grew out of:

  • A passion for better business, enriched communities and clean environments.
  • The need for sustainable decision-making.
  • An acknowledgement that Boards can create a better future.
  • A desire to help Boards, Directors and prospective Directors.

My purpose is to:

  • Equip Boards, Committees and their members with the right ingredients to be effective.
  • Provide communities, businesses and organisations with solutions to generate financial, social and environmental benefits.
  • Help individuals with the right pathways to the right Boards.

I love my work in the world, on and with, Boards and Committees. I draw on my experience and insights from time in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors across a range of industries and geographical areas.

The health of our environments, our societies and our finances are important to everyone, and Boards, Directors and decision-makers play an integral role in making this happen.

Who do you know who may need my help?

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