On this day last year…


On this day last year, I attended a business breakfast with a couple of hundred others and a panel of heavyweights from the Australian business sector.

It would have been hard to believe back then that 12-months on, many would be working and learning from home, cafes would be without patrons, and events like this… not on.

The topic for the session was ‘Are company directors up to the task?’

With so much going on in the past year, it’s easy to forget the discussions that day and the various points raised.

There were references to Royal Commissions and governance reviews as well as other board and director matters.

All of which seems like a lifetime ago but one point highlighted, was that of a short term corporate memory.

Since then, we’ve been pushed and pulled in all directions and maybe at risk of forgetting some of the good work done by these reviews.

The findings and learnings from the reviews plus the insights from the past year are there for our benefit.

As we move forward into new chapters, one task for directors is translating this into practice and continuously remembering and drawing on what’s been learnt.

On this day next year… I wonder what it will look like?

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