Insights & Input

Being in lockdown, viewing of the two Olympic programs has been a welcome relief from trying to find another suitable family movie or documentary not yet watched since the beginning of the pandemic.

In viewing both line-ups, I have found myself in awe of the talent and skills displayed by humans of all abilities.

The Paralympics is a showcasing reminder of the greatness within and across society. Greatness which can also be applied around the board table, providing input into discussions and decisions which serve and shape our world.

Those living with disabilities and impairments have valuable insights and perspectives. Perspectives on life which many of us struggle to relate to or even imagine. Perspectives which are sometimes not considered when making decisions affecting our communities.

This begs a few questions…

❓How does your board make decisions which affect those with impairments?

❓Does it have the input of perspectives to adequately reflect the needs of the broader society?

❓Does it have the necessary skills and insights to determine successful outcomes?

What can you do?


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