Technical diversity on boards

When it comes to the boardroom, accounting and legal professionals have traditionally brought skill sets to the table to ensure compliance and financial order. But if engineering makes our lives safer and easier, then maybe we need more engineers on boards?

This is a profession which has created the world around us. Engineers solve complex problems for us and have given us desirable lifestyles with items like phones, cars and houses. Without engineering, we also wouldn’t have clean water, modes of travel or even be able to work from home.

It’s not only the physical environment these professionals can contribute to but it’s the systematic, critical and complex thinking they bring to the table.

As today is #worldengineeringday, it’s a great reminder of the need for professional, technical and skill diversity in boardrooms.

The expectation and desire to base decisions on science, data and best available information, is increasing. Hence, why it’s important to also recognise the broader technical skills of STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) which play a key role in decisionmaking.

My question for you today… do you have sufficient technical diversity in your boardroom to reflect the work of your organisation?

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