The Essential Checklist for Boards and Committees


Hello! I hope this finds you well in your part of the world. No matter where you’re located or what type of board or committee you’re involved in, I want to share something to help you and your group as a collective, have the greatest chance of success.

Whether you’re involved with a government authority, not-for-profit organisation, community group or even a public-listed company, there’s a few key considerations which can fundamentally underpin your future sustainability.

Given this early stage of the year, you may still be settling into your seat (in the boardroom or online) and as you do, keep these objectives in mind. This will help with action, progress and achieving the desired outcomes for your beneficiaries. 

These guiding objectives form the basis for a checklist (and actually underpin the Board Presence principles). These are a set of considerations which drive an approach where both members individually, and boards/committees collectively, can get on the same page.

The essential checklist for boards and committees

These five Fs are a minimum for members and boards/committees to be considering in order to achieve positive long-term results. They are: Future-Focused, Functional, Fit, Fresh and Fun. Some of you will have heard me talk about these before but it’s always good to have a reminder.

So what do I mean by these? 

Future-focused: Where your board or committee considers the long-term outcomes of the organisation or business, and uses the best available information to make sound judgements about social, environmental and economic, impacts and benefits.

Functional: Where all members of your board or committee exercise respect for each other, both inside and outside of the boardroom, communicating collaboratively and collegiately, and efficiently address matters.

Fit: Where all members of your board or committee are healthy in body, mind, and spirit, in order to take on information, process details, exercise good decision making and effectively fulfil duties.

Fresh: Where the skills mix of your board is optimised and all members bring current, contemporary, and relevant perspectives to the board table.

Fun: Where you and the members of your board are content and fulfilled by their board role, and the experience it brings personally and professionally.

Whether you are a member, the chairperson or someone responsible for supporting a board or committee, it’s worthwhile working with these objectives. Have a think about each of them and explore what it means for you and your board/committee!

Can you tick all the boxes? 

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