Big questions…


With so much change across the landscape, the impacts from the pandemic and a new financial year on the horizon, many questions are being asked…What are boards doing? How will boards respond over the horizon? What directions will they take?

No matter the type of organisation, many have found themselves in a very different place to where they’d planned. Not-for-profits/community groups, government authorities, private business and ASX-listed companies, boards of all types have been considering a whole range of matters.

As society begins to emerge from a new viewpoint and re-focuses over the horizon, more questions are being raised…Is the current board adequately equipped? Is the board of today the right board for tomorrow?

Boards have evolved over many years and will continue to do so as the world changes. From a financial and compliance beast hidden behind closed doors to a more visible unit now expected to drive value in more ways than one.

The emphasis on boards being fit and functional has never been so important. The real opportunity over the horizon for boards now lies in being fresh and future-focused to meet the needs of a different tomorrow.

As we finish the week…What will your board do differently? What will you do differently?

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