Expect the Unexpected


‘Expect the unexpected’ are the words from a successful former American football coach, Paul ‘Bear’ Bryant. You’ve probably heard this quote but there’s nothing like a show-stopping crisis to really bring home the message.

Think back only a couple of months ago to how life was on the first day of March. Then recall life a month later on the last day of March. The difference in such a short timeframe was unimaginable and even the reality was hard to believe.

Having an appreciation of risks and how to mitigate or manage them is key to survival, sustainability and success. This pandemic has shown us just how extreme and unexpected some events can be.

These uncertain times are bringing about challenge and change. This crisis is a reminder of the need to consider how we address all risks, strategic and operational, and in their different forms.

Threats to life and business will continue to exist around us and it’s how we acknowledge them which matters. A priority in this emerging post-pandemic phase is ensuring that processes are in place to deal with the various risks, including the unexpected.

When reviewing your risk exposures, be sure to take the diligent approach and not the one which discounts the highly unlikely events!

Stay safe. Stay well.

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