A new year. A new decade. New opportunities.


It’s a new month, new year and new decade with endless opportunities over the horizon. What will you achieve?

Whilst it’s often the time to be positive and upbeat about turning over a new leaf, the start to this year can’t be overlooked.

Sadly we’re only a fortnight into it but for many there are no happy new beginnings. The widespread devastation of fires across our country has significantly disrupted the flow of life we’ve become accustomed to. 

One can’t help but think that many extreme natural events in recent years are just a warm up, an icebreaker (no puns intended but is fitting) for what potentially lies ahead. It’s possibly bleak and unbelievable but really no surprise given how we’ve treated the world around us. 

Catastrophes and extreme natural events are nothing new but it’s the scale of impact that reminds us of our insignificance.

Karma can suck sometimes and it’s hard to get past the idea that maybe we’ve pushed Mother Nature and her natural world a little too far. We’ve been warned and she may have only given us three strikes, each strike getting louder before we’re finally on our way out.

With so many affected or impacted, these fires have occurred at a time when we often stop, reassess and reconnect with those around us.

There seems to be irony in this timing. When we go from thriving in end of year celebrations and new year festivities, to survival. Pushing us to our limits and testing us physically, emotionally, mentally and financially. 

Mother Nature has truly rained on our parade and rightly so. Whether it’s nature doing its thing, climate change or evolutionary change, we aren’t always helping ourselves. We can be a whole lot smarter and can give greater priority to what keeps us alive.

What we do individually and collectively makes a world of difference. We may be to blame for how we got to this point yet we have the power to get ourselves and nature away from a point of no return.

Despite the negative start to the year, this loud trigger is the opportunity to learn, look on the flip side and build positive pathways to a better future.

This can mark the pivotal point for a more balanced direction and respectful way for how we all do ‘life’.

What difference in the world will you make over the horizon in the new year and new decade?

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