Book: Fly to the Boardroom


Your Essential Guide to Getting on a Board

Fly to the Boardroom demystifies the world of boards, the boardroom and board work, and provides guidance for how to get on a board.
Whilst introductory in nature and an easy-to-read format, the book provides key information, insights and practical steps for aspiring, new and even experienced directors.
The reader is taken on a transformational journey and flying trip to significantly build their knowledge, understanding and confidence about boards.
The book shares the what, why and how for getting on a board and what to expect. Details include terminology, opportunities, pathways and tangible steps to the boardroom.


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Fly to the Boardroom, Your Essential Guide to Getting on a Board

Want to get on a board, make high-level decisions and ultimately a difference in the world? Imagine influencing strategic directions, policies, plans and outcomes. Being on a board is one of the most positive and rewarding things you can do.
Fly to the Boardroom will inspire, educate and empower anyone interested in boards. A perfect read for any aspiring, new or even experienced director. The book provides what you need to know about boards and helps you navigate your way to the boardroom.
Stacey Daniel shares enriching information as well as insights from her own experience as a non-executive director. She demystifies the world of boards in order to build your knowledge, skills and confidence.
You will travel an exciting and transformational journey on your way to the boardroom. No longer daunting and no longer a dream, but a goal you can achieve sooner than you think.
Enjoy your flying trip to the boardroom!

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