Board Presence grew out of

A passion for business, healthy environments and enriched communities.
Acknowledgement that Boards can create a better future.
A desire to help Boards, Directors and prospective Directors.
The need for healthy and sustainable decisions.

Our Founder

Board Presence is led by Stacey Daniel, with a passion for empowering others with the capability and capacity for future decisions. Stacey has extensive experience in the corporate and community sectors working across industry, government, consulting and voluntary roles. She has worked with multi-national companies, State and Federal government departments, local government, community groups and small business.

Stacey has also fulfilled multiple Board and Committee roles and now speaks, facilitates, trains, consults and coaches. Has has delivered many talks and has appeared on many webinars, podcasts and interviews. She hold credentials as is a Fellow, Chartered Professional Engineer and Registered Assessor for Engineers Australia and a Graduate Member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors

In 2020, Stacey became a published author with the release of her book, Fly to the Boardroom: Your Essential Guide to Getting on a Board and is also a judge every year for the Banksia Sustainability Awards.

We believe

All Boards can create healthy short and long-term outcomes.
The right people on the right Board can make a difference.
Anyone can consider being on a Board.

Our Values


Our best contributions and outcomes are achieved when we perform the best version of ourselves.


Short and long-term social and environmental impacts and benefits are considered.


Respectful and happy connection unlocks collective strength and capacity.


Long-term thinking enables sustainable operation and adaptation to constant change.

Lifelong Learning:

Actively build skill and capability in ourselves and others.

How we’ve helped others…

Stacey has worked on a range of Board and Non-Executive projects including:

Non-Executive Director Mentoring
Committee Member Coaching
Board Pathways and Positions
Board Preparation
Board Candidate Referrals
Candidate Guidance

Board Planning and Preparation
Board Performance
Organisational Reviews
Governance and Risk Reviews
Future Initiatives
Strategic and Sustainable Planning