Online Course: Fly to the Boardroom


Book me into the self-paced Fly to the Boardroom Online Course, including:

– All six modules and checklists
– Tasks and activities
– Worksheets and note pages


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Course Support

– Personalised support while you undertake the course
– 3 x 30-minute phone call for questions and answers


Journey to the Boardroom with what you need to know about Boards and how to get on one.
This course is specifically designed for those who are keen, interested or curious, about Boards, Committees and Directorships. It is tailored for you with guidance, information and worksheets to develop your personal knowledge, understanding, skills and confidence, about Boards.
The Fly to the Boardroom Online Course is a self-paced course with six structured modules including:
Module 1: Your Board Opportunities
Module 2: Board Fundamentals
Module 3: Your Board Value
Module 4: Finding Board Positions
Module 5: Make an Impact
Module 6: On Board!
Come away with what you need to help you on your Board journey! Allow at least 10 to 15-hours to complete the course and tasks. There is no pre-work. You can expect to be challenged and rewarded.